In To Do In Saigon

Somewhere along Tran Hung Dao Street is an interesting narrow alleyway called Tống Duy Tân. If you have the opportunity,  you should definitely visit it. 

Diving in this small & busy lane will really make you feel like entering an Ali Baba’s cave.

The alley is jam-packed with stalls selling just about anything from buttons to toggle switches, street food, tools and haberdashery items…Crossing it is a chaotic and funny experience that you will not regret!

You will have to make your way between the passers-by and the motorbikes, dodging the crazy traffic and looking for the items you want to purchase…. And of course it’s an extraordinary spot to take plenty of colorful pictures!

If you want to visit the alley of Tống Duy Tân and its vibrant atmosphere in the heart of Chinatown, book our self-guided tour and come investigate the strange case of Dr. Lam!

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