Graffiti Street in the Capital City of Cambodia

 In Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Some parts of Phnom Penh are indeed lesser known than others.

After having explored the French old quarter with its remaining old buildings, loaded with history, it would be nice to have a walk in a very different part of the city, like street 93 in Boeung Kak area known as well as (former) “Lakeside” area.

This area is very peaceful and colourful. It was quite popular before as being the backpacker’s area 20 years ago. It then got emptied between 2008 and 2010 after some development projects were announced and city’s authorities have forced locals to move away and the lake filled with sand.

The area knew a revival time during 2015 when an Urban Art Festival was held in Cambodia and some international and local artists left their marks on the walls.

This Urban Art Festival was held a second time in 2018 and we can still see some nice remaining pieces of street art there, even though some murals keep on being washed and removed.

The atmosphere of this residential, hence popular and colourful area is pleasant and a bit old-fashioned. Some local businesses have started to open again few years ago making the area more lively now.

If you are into photography, it is a nice spot worth exploring!You will find it between the Mosque and Calmette Hospital.

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