A new way to discover the city!


Urban Tales is a new & unique concept for independent travellers to discover cities through an interactive, immersive and fun way.

Halfway between a life-sized investigation, an original city-tour and a treasure hunt, “Urban Tales” invite the travellers to solve cases of murder or family mysteries in historic parts of three of the major Vietnamese cities.

By following the footsteps of the culprits or tracking the main character’s memories, they will enjoy an unusual self-guided tour of some fascinating urban areas.

Each town has its own unique scenario based on local legends and leading the visitors to its best kept secrets: century-old pagodas, traditional boutiques, votive paper shops, hidden lanes…

It is also an exclusive opportunity for the visitors to encounter and interact with local actors who will help them in their research.

Our destinations

The strange case of Dr Lam

The Malediction of the Jiangshi

The Seal of the Emperor